TankBlanket ... Winterisation that Works!

Each year increasing numbers of motorhome and caravan owners are using their vehicles throughout Winter.


If you wish to follow suit, then your vehicle needs to be winterised with a system that protects both the fresh and waste water system from freezing. 


Enter The TankBlanket System which successfully meets this demand and is certified to work!


To  protect your fresh and waste water system  from freezing when using your vehicle in cold weather the following points should be considered:-


The fresh water tank (drinking water) plus any exposed water pipes should be protected.


The grey or waste water tank (kitchen sink and shower / bathroom sink) should be protected.



Any exposed water system pipework.




So, winterisation tips from TankBlanket are:


TIP 1: Waiting to empty your tanks until they are almost full, as larger volumes of fluid take longer to change temperature than smaller volumes.


TIP 2: Insulate the holding tanks. We recommend using TankBlanket and to increase its energy efficiency plus add further insulation we recommend adding TankJacket.


TIP 3: Insulate any exposed pipework where water is present. We recommend applying PipeJacket and/or PipeBlankets.


TIP 4: When on extended stay, wrap protection around the lower part, ie skirt of your vehicle which adds insulation of your vehicle underbelly.


TIP 5: In cold weather, keep the habitation area above 6 °C. This should prevent any internal plumbing from freezing and the water heater protection valve from dumping its contents.




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