A 12v temperature sensor controlled heater for fresh and waste water tanks. Available in several sizes to protect upto 152 Litres.


A 12v heater for exposed fresh and waste water pipes.


This clever device monitors the external temperature and automatically controls the power to Tank and Pipe Blankets.


Nothing is more frustratings than an inaccurate level reading from your fresh or waste water tank!
But, now, direct from the USA,  Premier Leisure Products in conjunction with TankBlanket can offer you Horst Miracle Probes.
This is the probe that gives you accurate tank fluid levels time and time again!


 Pipe Jacket

A high performance insulator for externally exposed pipework.

Wheelarch Blanket

Cold Chamber tests have proven that the wheel arch is a major cold spot.

 Wheel Jacket

Protect against UVA and improve the life of your tyres.

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