Why TankBlanket?

In a nutshell, it works!

The picture above shows TankBlanket working at -15 °C in a cold chamber test. Click the Read More Button below to see the results.


'The TankBlanket System' lets you create a winterised leisure vehicle that can be used with confidence, throughout the year.


The TankBlanket water tank heater is robust, reliable and has first class providence; It has been America's best selling winterisation solution for many years. TankBlanket's that were installed twenty years ago are still in use today.


It is easy to use, available in three sizes up to 152 Litres, simple to install, requires no drilling of tanks and can be upgraded at anytime.


It is CE certified and tested to -24 °C.


It can even add value when its time to sell, as the hot topic in the world of motorhoming is 'winterisation'.


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